Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Excitement Over a...Table? Yes, Indeedy.

I'm this excited. And it has nothing to do with writing, unfortunately. I've been painting my dining room and refitting it with furniture. My old set was ten years old when I bought it...nine years ago. I have a newer set, a gift from my mother that cost $$$ to ship from Oregon. A table and chairs, minus the seat cushions and nuts and bolts thanks to a hapless transport company. But I still needed a buffet/bar to hide our small stash of booze.

Hooray! I found one today, as well as an awesome antique hidden china cabinet that's small yet full of character. It's actually nicer than the buffet, in my opinion. Not sure where I'll put it yet, but it's MINE. Dibs. I'll post a picture of it here tomorrow after they deliver it.

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