Sunday, August 31, 2008

Night Owling

Okay. So I'm staring at the clock on my computer as the minutes tick away. It's after midnight on a Sunday night/Monday morning and I feel wide awake. That nocturnal call to create hits as I try to take care of a million other items I've let go. With my son's fifth birthday, a death in my husband's family, and the long weekend drawing close, I've been busy lately.

I've also taken the liberty of reminding my critique partner about her deadlines while ignoring my own. Well, not really ignoring, just not sticking to as tightly as I should have. I'm talking about the deadlines I set for myself, of course. I have a rough plan of what I intend to work on once certain books are completed. Unfortunately, this plan continues to shift as my muse guides me.

I recently finished the first in a new series, Circe's Recruits. Book one, Roane, already has first round edits (thanks, Ann.) I'm about 2/3 done book two but I keep getting distracted. I'd hoped to have my book finished last week, the rough draft, that is. Instead, I've been on a Christine Feehan kick waiting on a friend of mine to send me her latest book. Then I digressed by reading a few of the MANY books I received at RWA. Talk about a reading addiction run amuck...

So now I'm catching up on my inbox and clearing out my to-do's. I'm nearly done, soon as I tidy up this post. I still don't know why it is, but I work best during the day (when kids are in school) or late at night, when everyone's in bed. Tomorrow I'll be a walking zombie, but right now my creative streak is hot.

Gotta motor while the muse in in play. Chow for now, and happy Labor Day!

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