Monday, August 11, 2008

School's In

This is what I envisioned my spooky school, Blood Manor, would look like when I wrote Miracle at Blood Manor, a free read on my website. Apparently, this is also the way my son views his elementary school, as evidenced by his tears this morning on his way to Kindergarten.


This is his second year at the elementary since he attended Pre-K at the same school last year. Rode the bus. Full day. Yet we're almost starting all over. I wish he didn't get so upset when confronted with new things. He was clinging to me like velcro when I left. I felt bad, but I also want him to get over his fears. A few days of this and he--we--should be okay. I hope...

Now I have my 3 year old to deal with. We're cleaning the house and organizing. Hopefully, I can get some writing done this evening that won't keep me up past 1 AM. I was up at six this morning, which for me is WAAAYYYY early. I need coffee, stat.

More tomorrow...

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