Saturday, August 9, 2008

To Free Read, or Not To Free Read

That is the question. Free reads. Good or bad? As a reader, I don't think a free read is EVER a bad idea. Heck, I love to read. And reading for free makes my family, and my pocketbook, a lot happier. That said, as an author, why the heck would I post one?

I mention this because a good friend of mine has a Yahoo group full of nothing but free reads. She's been published with a publisher whose level of professionalism is in DEEP question, so feeling at odds, she's posted (quite legally) her stories with them on her group. Check it out at Samantha Storm.

I argue with her daily because I think she should find new publishers for her work. But she's still peeved about her old publisher (can't blame her) and wants to offer her work for free. Not to mention she has a thing about making money--another subject that would take too long to discuss here. So I argue with her over how many free reads she posts.

As an author, I think posting a few reads is a good idea. It gives readers a small gift for visiting your website, and it lets them sample a bit of what your writing style is like. I have two free reads on my website. Miracle at Blood Manor (which is WAY PG) and Obeying Mr. Right (which is not, very R) are on my Teaser page. I'll write more as I get more time. Lately, though, time is a precious commodity. I have two books I need to finish writing. A ton of books I mailed home to myself courtesy of RWA Nationals, and more ideas if I want to publish my ebooks before 2010.

I tease Samantha about her free reads, but I do like sampling authors. If you do join her group, tell her I sent you. And that she owes me.


Anonymous said...


Samantha Storm Queen of Free Reads ;-)

Anonymous said...

The url is actually

And you forgot to mention the part where I have a - do you dig it or hate it poll in there. So you can read and then cast your vote letting everyone know what you thought about the story. ;-)

Samantha Storm - Free Reads Rule!!!

Anonymous said...

I love free reads!

mammakim said...

I love free reads :) I also love sampling new authors and that is the best way to get hooked on a new author

Mary Ann said...

Hi Marie, I am in Samantha's free reads group and love it!! She has some really good stories.
Mary Ann

braible said...


Nancy Bristow said...

Marie...Free reads rock and rule!! *snort* *snort*

Think about it this way ~ when
Goddess Samantha Storm chooses to get a new publisher, she will have one hell of a loyal built-in fan base....Nancy:)

BreiaB said...

Well I understand what you mean about selling your work but a a reader and as someone who wants to be an author as well Samantha Storm/Free Reads Rock. Her free reads give her readers a taste of her work and I would think for the stuff she has published would make readers buy her work. Why not buy it when you already know you love her work?

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catslady said...

Everybody loves Free Reads!

Lisa said...

I love free read it is great and gengerous of the author to do so. Why you ask is because I mite of not try them in the first place. Then look on what I have miss out on a good author that I will buy book from. I have found many authors this way with a free read and glad they gave me a taste of there work. Now there on my auto buying List for when they have new books out. Just because of that free read they would be a unknown to me.

Lisa said...

Love free Read!

Anonymous said...

Love a free read.

Marie Harte said...

Obviously Samantha has brainwashed a lot of people. hahaha Hey, I'm with all of you. I have nothing against free reads. In fact, I've found a few new authors through free reads. But I STILL say Samantha should continue to put out work through other publishers as well as post reads for her readers. Why not the best of both worlds?

:) Marie

Anonymous said...

I love when authors offer up free reads. I never expect a full novel as a freebie. But a novella that is a complete story (and not just an excerpt) that allows the reader to sample... well, who can resist?

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Pam P said...

Who doesn't like a free read, and it is a good way to get readers to try a new author. Though I'd already read several of Samantha's and do hope to see her with a new publisher soon.

Anonymous said...

I love free reads.