Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Balls are in the air, I just hope I don't drop one. I used to be someone who could only work on one project at a time. Now I seem to have several projects ongoing at the same time.

I have work to do for my agent. I have a series to do for one of my epublishers. I have stories I've started, one or two chapter's worth, but no time to finish so they sit in my pending folder.

Right now I have to go back to a work I put away months ago. I need to finish two more chapters, as well as a proposal. I'd rather have my teeth pulled than work on that proposal. Ack. As a pants-er writer, I let my characters take the story in the direction it needs to go. No matter how many times I've written synopses, my stories never flesh out the way I plan. Now I have to write a more detailed proposal for a story that will only be 5 chapters done...ack!

My new erotic series was going strong. Until the last scene I wrote that I have to scrap. It doesn't fit with the story at all. Bummer. I've been immersed in that world and need to pull out of it to go back to my older story. I'm glad I let the older story sit, because rereading it I've caught mistakes and plot holes. And I find I really like what I've written.

One other thing. Recently I've received a lot of emails about my Storm Lords series. I have written the last book and am waiting to see what my publisher thinks about it. I've done numerous rewrites. This book is the last of a five book series. It's also now with another publisher, so it needs to completely stand on its own. We'll see.

Sigh. Now back to keeping those balls in the air while I get to work.

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