Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TRS DIvas Round 3/ June Contest

Divas Round 3 Ends this Friday. I'm holding a contest to encourage voters, not to get votes, note the difference. Here's the info...


This quarter, in conjunction with the TRS Divas contest, I'm holding my second quarter bonanza. Yes, I said bonanza.

  • To be eligible to win a basket filled with books, goodies and more (stateside) or a $40 online gift certificate to B&N (non-US voters), simply send me an email stating, "I want to win!" in the subject line.

Here's where it gets interesting... If you want to be entered to win more than once, you have to vote in one of the TRS Divas contest rounds, either round 3 (ongoing now) or round 4. (You don't have to vote for me. I'm not trolling for votes. Just vote.)

  • In your email, tell me which round you voted in and who for, to verify your entry. For each round you enter, you get an extra name dropped in the hat. Another chance to win the prize.

Contest Ends June 27th. Good luck.

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