Friday, May 16, 2008

A Sneak Peek at Creation's Control

I've been remiss lately in posting with any regularity. May is a busy month. With edits, deadlines looming, school ending, and one kid readying for college, I've been behind.

But I thought I'd post a little fun tonight. The first page of my newest, as yet unseen (and unedited) futuristic. I hope to finish the manuscript later this month for Total eBound, with a hopeful release date this fall 2008.

Take a peek at Creation's Control:

“Let it out, warrior. Go ahead, hit me.” Ryen didn’t understand his need to relentlessly pressure Drekk into battle. An instinctual urge to master another, he supposed. Though he’d been created to submit, Ryen couldn’t bring himself to bow down to anyone not his equal. Erin he tolerated with love and affection, emotions that surprised him. His other sister, Anin he wanted to protect, which usually soothed much of his aggravation. When serving and protecting others, Ryen felt at peace. Or at least, he used to.

Battling Drekk’s lure, he pulled the male close, uncomfortably aware of the press of Drekk’s hard body against his. Without thinking, Ryen gave in to impulse and head butted him, knocking him back.

Dark red blood dribbled from Drekk’s nose, and he let loose a full burst of pheromones. A clear offensive manoeuvre Ryen had been waiting for.

“That’s it,” Drekk growled and clamped solid arms around him.

In seconds, black bands of time and space collapsed on them both. Ryen hated the pressure of teleportation, and Drekk knew it. The experience ended as soon as it had begun, but instead of fighting on the run-down docks in Easfra, Ryen found himself in a shadowed room that looked like the rooms in Blue Rim he’d known all too well.

Sudden, irrational panic took hold, and Ryen began to fight for real. Drekk met him blow for blow, blocking and countering with a sudden swift strike to Ryen’s chest that left him momentarily winded. Drekk released more of his pheromone, and as much as Ryen wanted to counter it, he found himself lost in the scent.

He took another deep breath and felt Drekk push him away. Ryen stumbled, wondering what the hell Drekk had in his system that allowed for such a drugging effect. Before he could question the man who’d saved him not so long ago, Drekk lifted him over his shoulder.

Shocked Drekk could carry his weight, Ryen struggled for freedom. He stilled when Drekk landed a hand on his ass, holding him steady. That hand warmed, and a tingling sensation spread through Ryen’s body from his ass to his groin. What the f*ck is that?

“There we go.” Drekk’s voice sounded very far away. “I’ve been waiting.”

“Waiting for what? For me to...” He wanted to argue, to force Drekk to hurt him, to make him feel something besides the dissatisfaction of his life, even if it meant pain. But the incredible arousal pooling within distracted him. Without meaning to, Ryen shifted his hips against Drekk’s hard chest, groaning at the fire spearing his c**k.

Drekk tossed him onto a bed and smothered him with scent.

“What did you do to me?” Ryen rasped, blinking through slitted eyes at Drekk’s bent frame. Limp with a drowsy awareness, Ryen watched Drekk chain his ankles and wrists to bars on the head and footboard of the bed. “Tying me up like an animal? Like I’m back home,” he muttered.

“This is your home now, Ryen.” He thought Drekk might have sighed. “Get used to it.”

“What is this place? I’ve never been here before, have I?” Ryen blinked, trying to focus, but he could only make out shadows and darker forms against the five-walled room in which he lay.

“We’re back in Tekar. I should have done this as soon as we arrived last week. Stubborn drun.”

“I don’t understand.” Ryen licked his lips. A cup appeared at his mouth and he greedily drank down the sweet if overpowering liquid. Like lightning, another dose of fire shot through his groin. “F*ck. What did you give me?”

“Something you should thank me for. Something that will make you forget.”

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