Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Rumblings

Can someone please tell me why I have to sign into Blogger each time when I constantly check the box that says "remember me"?

I've hit creative paydirt, finally. Beginning with the TRS Divas contest, which is really fun, I wrote a response to a fan letter that amused myself. Go me. And I'm on fi-yah tonight, ready to finally roll with Creation's Control (my latest futuristic) and finish the damned thing. Or at least wrap it up to get it nearly done.

I'm working around the "summer problem." In other words, I've gotten used to writing at certain times when family is not around. But since school's now officially out down here (and by down here, I mean the South, not hell), I have to get used to writing late at night again. No kidding, I'm fighting a yawn right now.

Time to throw on a pot of java, gobble some mini BabyRuth's and get to work.

Talk at ya more tomorrow.

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