Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Office

Right now I'm watching The Office marathon on TV and eating a rich, unhealthy brownie bite. Such is my Sunday night prior to some real work. I really love The Office because I used to work in a few places that had similar characters. Michael, the inept boss, particularly strikes a chord. He's hilarious because he's offensive and doesn't know it. He's ineffective, yet the corporate headquarters hasn't fired him. Why? Disregarding the fact that he's integral to the show, I think it's because the people that work for him do well enough to carry their boss.

The key to Michael's character is that he doesn't mean to do or say the things he does to piss people off--which makes liking him okay. The racial slurs and sexist remarks flying out of his mouth are almost innocent in their offensiveness. You want to punch the guy, then forgive him for being such an a-hole.

Of course, one of the key things about the show is the office romance between Jim and Pam. What? A romance, you say? Of course. That's what makes all the great movies and books what they are. That spark between characters, a chance at love we all want.

Just a bit of depth to a show that's not that deep.

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