Wednesday, May 7, 2008

*Contest Correction*

In my zest to encourage participation in the TRS DIVAS contest, I may have overlooked a few things. (Smacking head)

The point of these contests is to be judged fairly, which makes winning a real thrill. Each author is given a number associated with their entry. I had thought that after round one, I wouldn't need that number again. I was going to award readers who voted for me with a free download of my backlist, but I can't do that without revealing my number, which I learned will be used again later on in the contest.

I apologize for any confusion. I'll come up with another way to award voters later. But I have to say, I'm pleased that folks are reading my blog. I don't always get comments, so it's hard to judge who sees what. Nice to know you're out there!

Have a great Tuesday, and if you haven't checked out the TRS Divas contest, try it today.

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