Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Backlist Wednesday: WINNER TAKES ALL

Well, it's that time again. But I have to space this out....too many more backlists and I'll be out of books! **Smiles** So I thought I'd break out Winner Takes All, partly because I like the cover, but also because the hero of the book caught me by surprise when I wrote my first futuristic romance, Lurin's Surrender, where he made his first appearance. Gren was never supposed to be more than a secondary player to help Lurin out, but he turned into so much more. And that cover... be still my heart.

In Winner Takes All, Temis Freya constantly works to be taken seriously in a man's world, battling her beauty and a stubborn male mindset. Now a peacemaker close to promotion, she finds herself unfortunately assigned to an undercover mission with a man known only as Gren, an infamous mercenary with a reputation as a murderer and thief.

Gren, a secret protector of the Thesha, wants nothing more than his first vacation in years, but he's unable to let the plight of kidnapped young women go unanswered. Drafted into helping the peacemakers, he is further drawn into the game by the magnificent though stubborn woman fighting herself and him at every turn.

The sparks fly when Gren and Temis discover a passion sizzling all too close to the surface. And soon they realize that only by working together can they accomplish their mission, and reach the wonders of true love.

To read an excerpt, click here.

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