Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Backlist Tuesday: Seriana Found

SERIANA FOUND, a futuristic romance

On the run from an undeniably sexy and ruthless pirate, a desperately determined woman falls headlong into love when she is captured by her relentless pursuer.

For years Abjon Afier has coveted his captain’s beautiful daughter, biding his time until the moment is right for bonding. But before he can claim the headstrong woman as his own, she flees into the dark recesses of space. On the run from a pirate as ruthless as her father, Seriana Blue darts from planet to planet, all too aware her capture is inevitable. Yet instead of the imprisonment she so dreads, she finds passion and much, much more in her pursuer’s strong arms.

A little backstory: I wrote Winner Takes All about a mercenary named Gren. When Gren attends a slave auction to try to rescue kidnapped women, he runs into a bruiser of a Ragga--a race with incredible strength--named Abjon. They struggle and fight, and Abjon flees before the System law arrives. Instead of leaving it at that, Abjon developed into a complex character, and the woman he was looking for, Seriana, escaped as well into her own story ...Seriana Found.

Seriana Found is now available from New Concepts Publishing. To read an excerpt, click here.

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