Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wednesday Words...On Thursday

Since I missed Wednesday Words--but really, how am I expected to compete with a Carrie Ann Ryan new release??--I figured I'd put them up today. So for your reading pleasure, a steamy excerpt from my new release, Tied and True. Note, this is definitely R-rated. Yeah, don't open at the office.

Lindsay woke on her back with her arms stretched above her head. It took her a moment to regain her bearings, and when she did, she panicked.
“Shit is right.” Jared Hunt towered over her, his jutting cock stiff and eager, his lips curled with humor, his eyes glowing with satisfaction. “I told you I wasn’t going to ask again.”
“Jared,” she cajoled, as she twisted her wrists, only to find them tied with her own equipment. Damn. That had been sloppy of her. She knew she should have tied him tighter, but she’d been determined not to cause him any undue pain. Idiot. “You know you deserved a bit of harmless payback for what you said about me to Frick and Frack at the office. Admit it.”
“I do,” he said easily, rubbing himself as he stared down at her.
Look away, please. Unable to break eye contact, she was completely ensnared by his hungry gaze. Blindfolded, he’d been more a fantasy than a person, just as he’d made her out to be in his discussion with Maclearn and Simmons. But now she couldn’t help seeing the real him. Her heart hammered with more than worry at his nearness. She was deeply in lust and scarily growing more and more drawn to the handsome devil, despite her inner plea to remember his callous words.
Damn her conscience. It refused to shut up. But everyone at the office really likes him. And he never had one bad word to say about anyone until you overheard him on Wednesday. He even took your rejections in stride. Lindsay’s heart beat faster.
“Do you know what I was thinking about when I was touching myself last night?” he asked, his voice throaty.
Lindsay licked her lips and cleared her throat before she could answer. “Wh-what?”
“I was thinking how gratifying it would be to come inside your slick heat. About how hard I could push into your wet pussy, how long I could make you come around me.”
Lindsay bit her lip to hold back a groan. Why did he have to be so sexy and so damn hot when he talked frankly like that? Her attention settled on the large hand covering his shaft, and she had an unquenchable urge to swallow him again.
“That’s right, baby. You want this in your mouth, don’t you?”
She said nothing, a little embarrassed to be so obvious. And she knew she and Jared had gone far beyond embarrassed hours ago.
“Tell me, Lindsay. Tell me you want to suck my cock, to swallow my come. All of it.”
She shifted in sexual frustration, feeling deliciously wet and strangely uninhibited under his gaze. “I want you, Jared.” She stared into his light green eyes. “I want to feel you shudder when you come, to taste you as you slide down my throat, so creamy and sweet.”
He increased the friction on his cock, and she wondered if he meant to mark her with his seed. The thought aroused her further.
“I’m going to do to you what you’ve been doing to me since I met you,” he answered silkily, showing another side to the charming, affable Jared Hunt. This man seemed dangerous, controlling, and he thrilled her to the quick. “But first I need a measure of control, one you’re going to provide.”
He knelt on the bed, moving up her body to straddle her neck, his cock imposing and large before her. “Lick me,” he growled. “Suck my balls, my cock. Make me want to fuck that pretty mouth until I come.”
Lindsay was on fire. She’d always wanted to try being dominated, not the heavy stuff, but a little play like this. Now she couldn’t believe what she’d been missing. She felt so aroused. His mere words and nearness made her want to come. Had he felt the same when she’d had him tied up and at her mercy?
Staring up at his lust-glazed expression, Lindsay opened her mouth and stroked him with her tongue. He moved with her, and she shivered at the touch of his balls on her cheek and began licking and sucking the velvety sac with a generosity that made him moan out loud. Jared tilted his pelvis and put the tip of himself in her mouth, as if waiting to see what she would do.
She smiled, then sobered as she stared at his beautiful shaft. After licking her lips, she opened wider. He pushed forward, cursing when she urged him deeper. Clutching the headboard with an iron grip, Jared began thrusting inside her mouth, slowly but surely, his girth growing until she had no thought for anything other than swallowing him.
Thick, hot flesh filled her, made her breathless with desire. She tasted salty sweetness and knew his climax neared.
“Fuck, Lindsay. You’re so good.” He groaned, pumping faster. “I’m coming.”
He shot into her mouth, and she greedily swallowed him, squirming on the bed for the release she desperately needed. Watching him come was a heady stimulant, one that stoked her desire to feel the same, free of any constraint.
“Don’t worry, baby.” Jared withdrew and lay over her, blanketing her with his body. He was still semi-hard, moisture beading at his tip as he rubbed it over her middle. “I’m going to give you exactly what you’ve given me. Pleasure until you want to die from it.”

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