Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday Words: TIED AND TRUE

Hmm.  Another Wednesday Words has come around. So... How about a taste of Tied and True, which releases in another two weeks? Enjoy!

Lindsay entered the bedroom after several minutes and noted his stiff posture on the bed. The small bucket she’d found under his kitchen sink sat on the nightstand.
She dumped the bucket in the bathroom and then paused. This would be the tricky part.
“Put your blindfold back on. And not one move, genius, or I hit the “send” key on your computer, sharing your wonderfully naked and bound image to everyone in your mailbox.”
He put the cloth back over his eyes and remained motionless, tense, but she could see her bluff worked like a charm. And was she ever glad for those restraints. Quickly grabbing two more secure ties from her bag, she refastened his wrist and ankle, conscious not to hurt him by making the restraints too tight, and grabbed a nearby chair to sit on. Stripping off her ball cap, she ran her hands through her hair.
“Now what, Lindsay?” he asked quietly.
She froze, and then shrugged with a sigh. With a man as intelligent as Hunt, the odds were he would have figured it out sooner or later. She dropped her disguised voice but refused to remove his blindfold. His lack of sight gave her an odd sense of power, and she planned on keeping him under her control.
“Who’s Lindsay?” she teased. “I’m just a helpful neighbor who was passing by.”
He snorted. “Give me a break. I know what this is about. And I tried apologizing to you the other day ‑‑”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
He sighed, his throat so tempting, so strong. “I need to tell you something, Lindsay. I’m not who ‑‑”
She interrupted him by leaning in to nip at his throat. He tasted salty, so essentially male. She lingered over his pulse, sucking hard enough to leave a mark.
“Oh, shit,” he groaned and arched toward her. “You’re going to torture me over those stupid remarks, aren’t you?”
She grinned. If he only knew. She was so sick of always being good, and always getting the brunt of everything. Breaking the rules, not to mention the law, felt so very, very satisfying. And she was far from done. “‘Stupid remarks’? Why don’t you remind me about what you said?”
“Come on, Lindsay. I was just trying to win Maclearn and Simmons to my side. And I’m sorry to say, you’re one hot topic of conversation with those two assholes.”
His tone gave her pause. But seeing him at her mercy made her doubt his sincerity. Were their positions reversed, she might say anything for a shot at freedom.
“What did you tell them, Jared?” she fairly purred. As he recounted Wednesday’s conversation with the idiot twins, she left to grab a washcloth, bar of soap, and small pan of water from the bathroom and returned to his side. “So you think my breasts are real, hmm?”
She ran a soapy washcloth over his erection, satisfied when it grew stiffer, and he groaned under her touch. She cleaned him thoroughly, all over, wanting him perfect for her play.
After several minutes, his raspy breathing broke the silence. “What are you going to do?”
She stared at him, pleased at his telling response. The man really did want her. Despite his stalker-like tendencies, the thought of Jared Hunt wanting her made her feel warm inside. Vanity be damned. She planned on taking something from him this time. A bit of pleasure, just for her.
Lindsay leaned close to his mouth and watched him lick his lips. Stifling a groan, she breathed into his mouth, “I’m going to take…a shower.”

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Diana Mcc. said...

I thought today was hot! It just got hotter after reading the excerpt you posted!!! Happy Fourth!!