Friday, April 5, 2013

Circ Week--Meet the Women Behind the Men

Today you get to meet the strong women of Circe's Recruits. And they have to be strong to handle these guys.

She's spent a lifetime dealing with doctors, getting shots to keep her healthy. When her health deteriorates, those same people from the labs show up to bring her back, whether she's willing or not. But all is not as it seems. She goes from sick to super powerful--to Circ. Her attraction to Roane is confusing, a bit frightening, and unmistakable. But Caitlyn is a strong woman, and she'll over come any challenge to survive.  And Roane is nothing if not a challenge.

She's been Doc's right hand gal for years, always being there, keeping the homefires burning. She's feisty and sure of herself, unless it involves Zack and Ace, two men who make her feel things she doesn't feel for anyone else. But two men? She's not sure can choose between them, and when she becomes who she was meant to be, she won't have to. But to keep the peace between her men, she'll have to take action. And then she's taken by the very people they all work so hard to protect themselves against.

She's a hard worker with little time for inefficiency. She's spent her life dedicated to helping her country and her forgotten friends, those who died to defend it. But she never signed on for the things they wanted her to do in Project Dawn. Now working for a man she loathes, she'll do whatever she has to do bring him down. She never counted on being infected with the virus that has killed so many. When Circe's Recruits find her, they aren't exactly trusting or welcoming. Except for Derrick. He's a hard ass, like her, and a gruff man who would terrify her if she didn't see the vulnerability in his eyes, the softness he tries to hide behind killer claws and crushing strength. She'll need both to survive what's coming for them.

She's spent her entire life living a lie. Her father is the reviled Elliot Pearl, a man who saw her as nothing more than Subject 31. Fortunately, she never showed any promised as a lab rat, and her life was mostly normal if devoid of affection. And then she showed him just what she could do, and her father decided she might be of use to him after all. Only Robbie has kept her sane and safe through the years. But her dreams are starting to scare her, because she keeps seeing the same sandy haired man in her future with Robbie. And then she meets him, face-to-face. Hale is so much more than a dream, but a possible future...if the three of them can come to grips with who and what they really are to one another.

These women provide strength and affection to allow their men to grow, while keeping them grounded at the same time. Lending them their humanity, along with a love that keeps them in touch with who they really are. Without them, the men of Circe's Recruits would be nothing more than death machines policing the world from monsters made of men.

Tomorrow, swing by to meet Doc, the glue who hold the team together. And McKinley, a Circ who's not a Circ, a mysterious man who may or may not be their enemy. Hopefully the team finds out which side he's playing for before it's too late. Because when McKinley unleashes his claws, he doesn't pull them back until everything in his path is dead.


Wendy M. said...

Loved this series

Marie Harte said...

So glad, Wendy. :) I loved them too.

Diana Mcc. said...

It looks like the Circs will meet their match in the ladies who will love and support them. Great post!