Saturday, April 6, 2013

Circ Week--Meet Doc...and McKinley

The Circs are shapeshifting humans who become something more. When shifted, they grow taller, stronger, form hardened skin, claws and fangs. Their endurance and ability to take pain increases ten fold. As do their instincts for survival. 

But the Circs aren't found in least, the ones in Circe's Recruits were man made. Elliot Pearl, a ruthless yet brilliant scientist, came up with the EP12 Circe serum. The serum is introduced by a virus and piggybacks onto the virus's DNA to bond with the host. Teh changes are permanent, and unfortunately, only about 6% of those infected with the virus will successfully transition into fully functioning supersoldiers. The rest turn...mutant.

And so begins the story of the Circs. Yes, Elliot Pearl designed the serum, but he had a lot of help from another genius--Evan Dennis. Or Doc, as the Circs know him.
Doc wants nothing more than to make things right. His goal to help strengthen the military and take part in an amazing scientific discovery went horribly wrong. So to make things better, he leaves Project Dawn and becomes the glue holding the Circe's Recruits team together. His millions and his know-how fund the new mission of the Circs--to sweep the rogues and mutants away and keep society safe. 

With his assistant Kelly and his lover Diego, Doc works hard to fix his past mistakes. Except betrayal and lies soon tear him from what he thought to be true and who to trust. But despite his eventual heartache, he never stops fighting for the men and women he considers family.
And then we come to McKinley. Elliot Pearl's giant bodyguard. He's not Circ...or is he? Because he doesn't seem to have fangs or claws, and he appears human, if extraordinarily muscular and tall. But his eyes aren't quite right. He often wears dark shades, but when he takes them off, his eyes are an inhuman gold, his pupils slit. What does he see with those eyes? He's close to Dr. Pearl, yet when the opportunity strikes to take out the Circs, he lets them go. And how can he take the Circs down without touching them, with merely a look?  

A man with a shattered past and a haunted present, McKinley is a mystery the Circs will have to solve.  Because he's already threatened to kill Derrick, Sabrina, and anyone else who gets in his way. And he seems particularly interested in Hale...


Susan W. said...

Reading these posts makes me wish I could read the series for the first time again!

Marie Harte said...

:) Heck. Read 'em again and pretend. That's what I do. *grin*