Monday, April 29, 2013

A Monday Update

Well... The RT Book Lover's Convention kicks off May 1st in Kansas City, MO, and I'm gearing up to attend. So much yet to do. Yikes.

* I finished edits on Love In Electric Blue and sent them back to my editor.
* I am in the midst of wrapping presents and making cheesecake tarts (the boy's choice) for my youngest son's upcoming 8th birthday in two days.
* I have not even begun to pack for the conference, nor have I reserved transportation to and from the airport. sigh
* My mother is here, so I'm trying to unobtrusively clean when she's not looking so she won't notice I missed more than a few spots.
*I have to get a new manicure because the old one was shot all to hell. I cannot for the life of me have unblemished, painted nails for more than an hour after they dry. Another sigh (See pic right: that's what they used to look like)
* I'm going to blog from the conference with pictures and a day to day update on what's going on, for those of you unable to attend.
* I'm good on my current WIP, just over the halfway point. Whew.


Karen Duvall said...

How exciting! Will you be on any panels?

As for transportation to the airport, if your mom's not going to drop you off you can always drive yourself and leave your car in the lot. It's quite inexpensive, $10 a day. That's what I always do.

Have a great time! :)

Marie Harte said...

Hey Karen. Nope, not on any panels.

As for the airport, my mother is taking me. I'm talking about getting to my hotel once I'm in Kansas City. They have a shuttle, I just need to make reservations. Not a big deal, but I figure if I keep reminding myself, I won't forget!

Tracy said...

Enjoy the Con - am sure you'll have a grand time!!

Glad to know it's not just me who can't keep painted nails nice and chip free for more than a day!
Fab colour they were painted!! :D

Looking forward to your posts from the convention.... I'm far too far away to ever get to these events which is a real downer! Would be fab to attend and meet you girls!

Can't wait for LIEB - love,love,love the Westlake Enterprises series!

Lol at your tidying on the QT while your mum is around.... What is it about our mums that still makes us feel like little girls again at times?!

Hope the wee fella has a great birthday.

Take care, safe journey and hope you have a ball in Kansas City!!!

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Have fun! I'm so bummed I can't go this year.

Marie Harte said...

Thanks so much, Tracy. :) I swear. I just got my nails redone yesterday. They are CHIPPED already, and it's not like I've been out chopping wood or digging in the garden! So I had a similar red and filled in a few spots. If you don't look too closely, it matches. Kind of. Sigh.

Would love to attend a conference overseas some day. Now THAT would be exciting. :) Stay tuned for RT blog pics. Coming your way tomorrow...I hope.

Marie Harte said...

I know, Carrie Ann. But next year RT is in New Orleans. Hmm. Planning now? :) I know I am. At some point, we will cross paths... dun dun dun. LOL