Thursday, April 4, 2013

Circ Week--Meet the Squad

Okay, so it's the day after when I said to come back. (I'm in the middle of a work in progress, so cut me some slack.) But you're back! And it's time for more of Circ week. Today you get to meet the men of Circe's recruits. A squad of Marines who gave everything to Corps and country--including what makes them human. Meet the team...

Roane is the all around leader. Tall, dark, and deadly. He's alpha to the core and a take-no-prisoners kind of guy. He still feels responsible for getting his squad into the evil hands of Dr. Elliot Pearl and Project Dawn. The goal had been to better themselves into stronger, faster warriors, not turn into freaks who shift into hulking creatures that can't ignore their sex drives. But what's done is done, and Roane will stop at nothing to destroy his fellow Marines--now  monsters--who didn't fare as well as him and his team.

Hale is Roane's second in command. A bad-ass with secrets of his own. He was psychic before any of them took the serum that turned them into Circs. Personally, he doesn't mind the claws, fangs, size and hardened skin that shifting gives him. He keeps the peace on the team, and with so many hot heads, they need him. But once the others start coupling up with mates, he feels left out. And then he starts dreaming about a mystery woman and that asshole, the giant McKinley. No way what he's seeing with that prick can possibly come true...

Not the best at holding back. Derrick has a temper, but he's a good-hearted guy. He's nearly as big as Roane and definitely a man to have on your side in a fight. He considers himself handsome, but he's never had luck with the ladies. Since becoming Circ, even his mother wants nothing to do with him. But it hasn't made him hard, just cautious. And he's right to be. After being fucked over by Project Dawn and his own government, there's only one group of men he trusts--, his fellow Circs. Them and Doc, of course. Because the guy clearly needs their protection. And Derrick's all about protecting those who deserve it.

A fierce fighter with a sense of humor. He's been tight with the guys forever, in tune with himself and his sexuality. Before becoming Circ, Zack was bisexual. But during the years of "Don't ask, don't tell" it was always a struggle to hold onto his identity. With friends like Ace and the others, he's strong. Strong enough to pretend his feeling for Ace are no more than those he has for the other guys. Because as a Circ, it's finally okay to sex things up with his best friend. He'll keep his love to himself and continue to work to bring down rogue Circs. But then Ace keeps giving him those strange looks, and their situation begins to change.

He's part Cree, all Marine, and all Circ. Growing up with a father who hated anyone not in his own image, Ace has had the mother of all times trying to accept his new bisexual nature. As a Circ, he needs sexual satisfaction from other Circs. And Zack is just... His best friend feels like a hell of a lot more when they're screwing each other. He always has Zack's back, but lately he's wanting the guy's front too. Even when he's not shifted, and that makes things really weird for him. But he takes his responsibilities seriously, and he's not about to let anyone fuck over friends. Not ever again.

The guys know it's them--and Doc, their friend and mentor who you'll meet tomorrow--against the world. The government isn't to be trusted, and neither is Elliot Pearl, the genius who created the EP12 serum that changed their genetic structure. Technically, they're not human anymore. When they voluntarily change into their beasts, it's more than evident they've evolved into something else. But what's odd is that even when in their normal forms, they experience mating heats. Their bodies' instinct to procreate. At those times, only another Circ will do. For years it's just been them, and they've made do. Fucking is fucking, but the unexpected bonds it's created has pulled them even tighter together. No matter what, the team will stick together. Forever. 

Even when they start finding sane Circs, female Circs, that change the dynamics within the group. The five men--five brothers--will be family for life.

Tomorrow, swing by and meet the women who change their lives. And Doc, the man, the glue, who holds them together.

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