Saturday, January 12, 2013

Time for Another Post on Money

I was checking my blog stats today and had to smile at one of the posts getting a lot of attention. I wrote it back in 2010, on the cusp of what I like to think of the "ebook revolution." The post is, Just How Much Can You Make Writing Ebooks? I also wrote a follow-on to that a year later, Back in the Black...

It strikes me that as a new year has rolled around, so does that zest to start something new. Namely, a job. Especially if you don't really like what you do, then this might be the year you start seriously pursuing alternate paths of employment. 

Self-employment isn't easy, but it's tremendously satisfying. For me, at least. There's nothing I'd rather be doing than writing for a living. But I also don't work eight hours a day, five days a week. I work during the day, at night, weekends, on vacation, whenever I need to to get the job done. As it is, I'll be working this weekend because I wasn't that productive Thursday or Friday.

Ah well. I'm thinking I need to do another update on writing for a living. If any of you had any questions about anything having to do with epublishers or writing for small presses, now's the time. Just post your question below. Otherwise I'll come up with a new "state of the nation" for sometime next week.


Anonymous said...

How much of your writing income do you have to put away for taxes

Marie Harte said...

Adding your comment to next week's
answer blog, Anonymous. Thanks!