Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blackthorne's Light: New and Improved

The best thing about a virtual book shelf is the ability to clean out the clutter with ease. Blackthorne's Light is now better than ever. No more typos, a new cover, and still just .99. Now if only Amazon would update to show on the site what the book really looks like...

When Dara Ellis sets out to do research for a new article, she gets much more than she bargained for.  Vampland is a hedonist's playground. It's the hottest new dance club in town and her inspiration for showing women how to embrace the bad girl within. But it's the club's owner who really gets her pulse racing, first in lust and then in fear when she learns who--and what--he really is. Trey is far more than a creature of the night. He's a flesh and blood man with gifts given from a higher power. Only the love of the right woman can save his soul from the darkness growing closer. But will Dara take a chance on a creature as much myth as man? Or will fear deny the love burning brightly between them?

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