Friday, May 4, 2012

What the...hail?

So this morning, I'm out in a tee-shirt. My kid is out in shorts playing (because once again, there is a day off from school--service day or something). It's not too warm, but not too cold. It's May--spring. And then, out of the sky, comes a spatter of rain which soon turns to snow and then hail. Hail? So weird!  The sun is out shining right now, when half an hour ago I had mini snow balls on my fence and steps. A swift change that's gone as soon as it arrived.

Kind of like publishing lately. (Like that segue?)

For years, the only way to publish was to go through a traditional publisher. Paperback, hardback, trade. Then the world of epublishing arrived. Many were slow to take up the change, while the more successful jumped on the electronic bandwagon and embraced technology. And gee, a few years later, ebooks are STILL a popular venue through which to read books. The big six publishing houses have taken note and now offer their material in ebook format. Some even have ebook only formats.

Fast forward within the past year to the take-off of indie publishing. Independent publishing, also known as self-publishing, which many authors, agents, editors and publishers used to scoff at. Well, not so much any more. A few breakout stars (ahem, Amanda Hocking, HP Mallory, John Locke) have proven that a good story and catchy voice can and will sell. Instead of the publishers dictating what readers can read, the readers are proving what they want with purchase power.

I tried for New York years ago, then happened upon an epublisher and haven't looked back. I've even tried my hand at indie publishing, and while I love the creative freedom, it's a heck of a lot more work than going through my publishers. I still want to break into NY print, if only to broaden my brand and introduce Marie Harte stories to people who've never used a Kindle or Nook. But that's slow going, and I'm not a patient person. So while NY takes its time making up its mind, I continue to write ebooks.

I wonder what the next big thing will be to hit publishing? Because in the last three years, the industry has turned on its head. And I couldn't be happier about it. :)

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