Monday, May 21, 2012

And the Twain Shall Never Meet

There are a few things I like to keep separate in my life, one of which is my writing life separate from my home life. So this was a definite no-no...

After stifling my laughter, though I'm sure my eight year old caught my grin, I had to tell him--again--not to write in Momma's book. I love my spiral notebook and #2 pencil. I'm still old-fashioned enough to like the actual writing part of writing, though I contain my scribbles and scratches to note taking and chapter breakdowns. I don't use the notebook for anything other than my stories. No personal notes. No grocery lists, and no messages from cute little kids and their monster/alien hybrids. Writer life to the left, real life to the right.

I recently spoke to a group of women, and one of them asked the question I'm usually asked when others find out I write--"Where do you get your ideas?"  Considering I write erotic romance in several genres (paranormal, futuristic, m/m, etc.), I can't say that I pull from real life all that much aside from being able to describe how sex can generate emotion. I don't know any foursomes living it up in a town populated by people from other dimensions. I don't know any psychics, I've never been up close to the BDSM lifestyle, and I don't have any gay friends (that I know of). I've never seen a vampire feed or a werewolf mate, and I haven't done half the crazy things my characters have done. 

I have a vivid imagination. Yes, sometimes I borrow from life. That's what writers do. If your name is John and you're a complete ass, your name might make an appearance in my book as the bad guy. My character might even have some of the same physical characteristics--completely coincidental. I will say I've never used a person I've met in real life and written them completely into a book. I write fiction, and I like to control my characters and plots, well, as much as I can. 

My story, my way. And no more writing in my book unless it's notes about the story. No matter how cute the monster at the bottom.


Diana Mcc. said...

You gotta love kids! I agree with you about keeping the writing separate from the home life. I don't have kids, but I do have my mom and husband here. I never leave my computer screen up or my notes laying around. Although I do right straight up Romantic Suspense, I'm pretty sure they would be shocked at what comes out of my brain and on to paper!

Marie Harte said...

Good point, Diana. I hadn't thought about the inappropriate content. I only makes notes on character and plot points, so I don't worry about the kids seeing adult material. That I save for the computer, and I don't EVER leave my stuff up when the kids are home, now that they both can read. :) But I've told them people kiss in my stories, and that's enough to keep them far away from my work on the computer at least. They still think romance is icky. So I'm good for now.