Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm a Twit

Okay. So my friend has been bugging me for months about joining Twitter. Yeah, I've heard about it. I'm not a complete antisocial ostrich with my head in the sand. Then again, I am the type who got a cell phone years later than most people had theirs. I also kicked and screamed my way through MySpace (hated it) and latched onto Facebook (time suck) with dread. Because yes, I waste time looking through posts and funny captions when I should be writing. Although I read the funniest link to a article...

Anyway, so today I took the plunge and joined the millions (or billions) who tweet. 140 characters. I can manage that. And it's not like I have that much to say anyway. So I'm now on twitter. My address, I think, is @MHarte_Author. I have no idea what following someone or being followed really means, except it's another avenue of communications [social media] us technologically savvy authors should have. Uh, yeah. And since I make my living writing books, most of which start out electronically, you'd think I would have gotten on the Twitter bandwagon months/years ago. How the hell old is Twitter, anyway?

Website, check.
Blog, check.
Facebook, check.
Twitter, check.!/MHarte_Author

I'm officially tapped out. I can't handle any more electronic socializing or my brain might melt. As it is I'm approaching meltdown. Now back to the WIP. Ack.


Ayla Ruse said...

Woo-hoo! Let me know how this works for you. I've been sucked into several social e-things myself, but not Twitter...yet. Whew. btw, hi Twit! hahaha

Marie Harte said...

Well, it does distract me from writing at times. But that's nothing new. Can't blame Twitter for my messed up brain...