Friday, January 13, 2012

BODYWORK--Kindle Love

I was fooling around with Photoshop and stuffed Bodywork into the Kindle. How life imitates art... or in this case, the other way around. :) Happy Friday!


Their first meeting could have been better. He ran into her and her hot coffee, and raced off with a burn and a snarl. Their second meeting should have been better. He laid naked, face down on her massage table while she stared at him in horror. Being sexually attracted to Mr. Tall, Dark and Rude hadn't been on her agenda. She just wants him out of her massage clinic before he recognizes her or she says something obnoxious before jumping that sexy body. Not professional. Not at all.

But when Shelby Vanzant and Shane Collins meet again, the third time's the charm. Shane has found his match, a sexy, intelligent woman he can't stop thinking about. Shelby is scared, because she might grow to like this guy. The last guy she liked dumped her for someone hotter. She's willing to take a chance--maybe--if her flamboyant mother, Shane's macho best friend and his Casanova of a younger brother don't screw things up. With fate on their side, they might both have a shot at a love they'd stopped looking for.

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Jennifer Labelle said...

Is this going to be a series? I'd love a continuation with Maggie's story. Will she forever consider herself the cat lady, or will love bloom with Mac?

Just curious.

Marie Harte said...

Hey Jennifer.

Yes, Maggie and Mac are going to get their story told this spring...fingers crossed. :)

Jennifer Labelle said...

Good to know, thank you. I'll have to keep an eye out for it then. I'm looking forward to reading it :)

seelk said...

I loved, loved your book 'Bodywork' and look forward to read more of your books. THANK YOU!

Marie Harte said...

Thanks, Jennifer.

Seelk, I'm glad you liked the book. I love the characters, and I can't wait to tell Mac and Maggie's story.