Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Real Finds

A few things I've recently discovered that I'd like to share. I'm not getting any kickbacks from any of this stuff, so take my recommendations for what they're worth.

The Romance Studio hosts release parties every few weeks. The next one is on Sept 24th. It's in a blog-style format, so you just need to post to be eligible to win contests. A great way to win books by new-to-you authors for free. And the authors change with each party, so click on the link to see who's stopping by for this upcoming party. Oh, and publishers happen to stop by offering prizes as well. You can't lose here, since you don't have to sign up for anything you don't want to.

s Wholesome Junk Food I was shopping at Earthfare (upscale grocery store) the other day for a few odds and ends. If I put too much in the cart, I have to mortgage my house to pay for it, so I make do with a few organic fruits, coffee, and my staple--agave syrup (instead of sugar, it rocks!). I was hungry and picked up a snack that looked nutritious. But even better, it was delicious! So often what's good for you tastes like cardboard. LWJF cookies are chewy bite-size morsels of goodness. I tried the Anna-banana splits. Holy crap, are they good! Now I'm on a hunt for the lemon vanilla cookies. (They also have a gluten-free selection.)

Brick and Mortar Bookstore sales The best places to buy brand new books at cheapo prices are in the sale aisles. I've found some real finds lately, $3.99 and less on trade size books I didn't want to pay full price for. A Jaci Burton book, a Sarah McCarty book, and a few others. There were Jayne Ann Krentzs and Nora Roberts tomes in hardback for $5.99 at the back of Books a Million. And my local Borders is practically giving them away in the front of the store. What with everyone trying to get rid of overstock, it's time to go shopping and save...

Cold Stone Creamery. Okay, so they're not cheap, nor are they calorie free. But watching some kid mash up your ice cream in front of you is mesmerizing. Especially when he or she adds nuts, fudge, caramel, and brownies. Founder's Favorite--this flavor is to-die-for amazing.

Now I'm hungry. Gotta go.

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