Thursday, August 5, 2010

Despicable Me Review

Yeah, I know. The movie came out several weeks ago. But to avoid the kid crush, we waited to see it. I couldn't figure out what to expect from trailers. Would the movie be cute? Obnoxious? Insulting? Annoying? Funny?

Turns out, Despicable Me (in 2D) was a terrific way to spend an hour and a half with my kids--boys ages 5 and 6. No foul language. No sexual references. No weird moral messages. This movie is about a villain trying to live up to heavy standards his unforgiving mother has set in place. During the course of his efforts to steal a very, very big prize, he comes upon three adorable orphans and tries to use them in his big plan. Except the kids are cute, laugh-out-loud annoying, and bring out a side of the villain he didn't know he had.

The minions (little yellow dudes) are part of the charm. Very funny stuff. My kids watched the whole thing and didn't once complain about being hungry or having to go to the bathroom. That in itself should tell you the movie was awesome. But I'll also add how much I enjoyed it. The movie didn't talk down to me or my kids. It's worth the matinee fee. I'd give it a solid A.

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