Friday, November 27, 2009

Ebook Sale! Save Money, Read More!

Hope everyone out there had a happy Thanksgiving. Just thought I'd share a sale on ebooks. Check out Fictionwise! There's a major sale ongoing. 45% discount on all multiformat books. I'm not sure if it ends today or not, but I DO plan to take advantage of it, myself.

FYI, Lurin's Surrender, my latest futuristic release from Fictionwise, is also 45% off. Total E-Bound, my British publisher, is sometimes a bit pricier with my books. But you can get Lurin's Surrender for only $3.37! Not trying to plug sales, just making a point of saying, if you want a book that's normally over five bucks, now's your shot to buy!



Elle said...

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

D. B. Story said...

The only trouble with Fictionwise sales I have as an author myself is that, very unlike what Amazon does, when Fictionwise discounts a book they take it as much out of the author's royalties as their own. Amazon, OTOH, eats any discounts themselves out of their 40%. As such, when I see my titles discounted on FW I'm not always rejoicing.

Marie Harte said...

Good point, DB. As an avid reader of ebooks, I prefer Fictionwise though. I have little time to go through all the ebook sites I like to pick and choose, remember passwords to each site, and purchase separately. I also have an eBook Reader, and through eBookwise, the format and bookshelf are really easy for download. Again, I'm an AVID reader, so one stop shopping really does save me time and lets me see other authors I might not find at just one publisher.

On the other hand, as an author, I know what it's like to get profits cut by third party distributors. Not great. However, I'd rather readers purchased my book on sale, then liked it enough to find my backlist when the sale ends. Or better yet, went through my website to buy, where I link all books directly to the publisher.

Thanks for the comment!


Elizabeth N said...

I'm a reader that jumped into ebook waters about 18 months ago. In that time, Fictionwise has let me try authors and publishers that I would have previously never discoverd. Over two-thirds of the ebooks that I have purchased have delighted me and sent me to authors' websites for backlists and links to the original publisher. My desire to read the older books has caused me to figure out the purchasing system for several ebook publishing sites. I now have many authors like Marie that I purchase straight from the original publisher on release day and that sometimes I'll also purchase again on FW. I do this sometimes, because as a reader, I don't know if an author would prefer a larger royalty from their publisher for 1 book or a larger customer base buying that 1 book at a lower royalty but potentially getting that "bestseller" status at FW.

I don't like that FW takes discounts out of the author's royalties, but as a relative ebook newbie, what other alternatives are there? FW provides me with a concise means of discovering new authors and titles, most of which I would not have found on my own and would therefore not have purchased at all. Looking at my Calibre library, out of the 2000+ books listed, over half were purchased directly from the publisher, a fourth from FW and a fourth from Sony (evil DRM) as the "free" classics or suvudo "free" library ebooks. Some of the FW books were purchased on sale, some not. In the end, FW and their sales have ultimately increased my overall ebook purchases from multiple sites not just theirs.

Long winded posts are probably why I should not comment while under the influence of cold medications.

Marie, thank you for all your wonderful stories.


Marie Harte said...

Hey Beth.

Yeah, that's why I like Fictionwise too. I find a lot of authors I wouldn't otherwise try. I admit, the cover first grabs me, but I always read the blurb and excerpt before making a purchase. To me, it's always a pleasure to find a new-to-me author.

And I'm glad you've enjoyed my stories. Honestly, I enjoy them too. When I reread one that I don't like, that's normally a sign I did something wrong, and time to redraft the manuscript. :)


Marie Harte said...

I didn't mean my comment to sound like I'm so full of myself. I reread my stories before submitting them. And when something pales, I have to go back and fix it. So it's about pleasing myself, then hopefully, the reader!