Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dorky Post of the Day: A Terrific Link

Whoa! I'm a few days late in posting. Sorry. Been busting my butt (not that you can tell) to finish Fallon's Flame (see Fallon, to the left) before next week, when the children will be home, underfoot, on Thanksgiving break.

Something I've discovered that I'm absolutely in love with, this site: I actually printed out the key and keep it by my desk on hand.

Yes, it's geeky, but I type for a living. I've always had such a hard time figuring how people use the degree symbol, an accent over the a, or that funky wavy line over the n, for a word like mañana (Spanish for tomorrow.) But yes, I've found the KEY! Many of you might be thinking I'm quite the dork for my excitement, or because it's taken me this long to discover how to correctly type, but you know what? Thmmbbtttt on you. Inverted exclamation point (¡), superscript 2 (²), and ellipses () here I come!

And just because I can, I've named a bad guy in my book Montaña. How cool is that?

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