Monday, April 13, 2009

Different is Good

Congratulate me. I didn't overindulge in chocolate, for once. The Easter Bunny didn't bring me too much to eat this year. Thank God. When it comes to chocolate, I'm like a goldfish that will eat itself to death. But I'm trying to eat healthier.

And I'm trying to write healthier too. For a long time, all I would read are romances. Hey, I like the genre, so sue me. But I recently ran into an occassion where I was without a romance. Horror! I was forced to read something else. And I mean forced. Bored and unable to leave my son napping alone while visiting relatives, I delved into my mother's stash. And guess what? I'm glad I did.

While I didn't really enjoy the depression hangover from Slammerkin, and I was hoping for more romance between the hero and heroin in a Carla Neggers suspense, and I'm not a big fan of first person, which James Patterson's Honeymoon was written in, I found it refreshing to read something new. With the focus not on romance, I read more literary prose and plot suspensions for what they were, and I learned something. Different is good.

Sound silly, but it's true. I'm the type that sticks to what she likes. Now I like to read, so that's a bonus. But it really is interesting to trade forms. I caught a small bit of The Glass Books of the Dreameaters, and another I just can't remember the title of, though I found it quite entertaining. A lot of these books are overflowing with prose and gum-star words (the kind I have to look up, and I know words), but I like to see how the author treats narrative and character all the same.

My two cents for the day. Read something different, just to shake things up.

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