Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Great Review

Circe’s Recruits: Zack and Ace is a suspenseful, sexy story with a paranormal twist unlike anything out there. The twists and turns are captivating and intense. From page one the story traps the reader in a web of lies and intrigue plus sexy passion and heat. The characters are emotionally enthralling and their struggles with who and what they are makes their story all the more personal and amazing.

Zack and Ace are members of Circe’s Recruits. They are fighting to stop the production of new Circ’s, one’s who aren’t sane. The two men have also had to deal with their unique relationship for a few years now. When the mating heat strikes it must be appeased and normally that means that their typical just friends relationship takes a sexual turn. But now they have a new focus, Kelly. Both men have been lusting after Kelly since they first met, now they have a chance with her since she herself is like them. If they want a chance to be with Kelly, they will have to hash out their own complicated feelings for each other. But when Kelly is kidnapped by the labs they are fighting, they might lose their chance at happiness.

Marie Harte is a truly gifted author. Her story is intense and passionate with raw emotions and sensuality. The storyline is strong and vividly appealing. This is definitely a must read book in a fantastic series. This is definitely a must own author with a very gifted imagination.

Genre: paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-245-5
Page Count: 139
Price: $5.99
Reviewer: Kimberley Spinney
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

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