Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Wazzup

A few notes...Circe's Recruits: Roane is now available on Fictionwise. Creation's Control is up for another award: Best GLBT book of 2008 from RORR. To add your vote, click here.

I'm working on Circe's Recruits: Hale. This is an interesting book from the perspective that its that last of the series. Conspiracies and plot twists need to be tied, and Hale needs his happily ever after. Returning characters and characters who aren't quite what they once seemed keep rearing their heads, and they're giving both Hale and myself a headache.

Oh, and Elliot Pearl has a huge secret you'll learn about at the end of Circe's Recruits: Derrick (coming out in March from Loose Id,) which plays an integral part in this book. It's a real doozy. Then there are the intersecting storylines and scary mutant Circs ... a lot of action. So I'm going to grab another cup of coffee and get busy.

Happy Tuesday.

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