Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chore Day

Ah, Saturday. Chore day. What fun. Laundry, dishes, floors and bathrooms. No, I don't do windows. But the rest of the house gets a much-needed scrubbing. Same with my writing. Today, the husband is going to work on the kids' treehouse outside, taking the kids with him. So here's hoping I can get some real work done on CR: Hale.

I've been stuck on this story the way I was on Derrick's story. It's odd, because I love where this story is going. But twice now I've had to cut pages away and start over. And both times the story is better for having done so. One of my characters is a real pain, and though I love him, I can already tell he's going to give me hell throughout the manuscript.

But at least I'm writing. Sometimes it feels like a chore in and of itself, but one I love more than any other. I'm shooting to finish the story within the next week or two. Cross your fingers for me.

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