Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voting, Fair, and all things birthday

Hey, I voted yesterday. An educated guestimate on who would do the nation proud. Today or last night, I went to bed early, they announced the winner. Big congrats to Obama. Now let's pray his message of hope and change (for the good) is more than a message, but a true way of things to come.

On to more news...Willa's Wish is done and sent to my editor. It's part of Loose Id's holiday collection, short stories to tempt you during the holidays. Mine is a New Years story, and it's pretty steamy. I'm glad to be done, so I can return to Derrick and Hale, my last Circe's Recruits needing stories.

More news...5 more days until Guardian's Redemption is released fromTotal E-Bound!!! Arim will have his story told, and I'm SO excited. Then a week later, CR: Roane will be released from Loose Id.

Hmmm.. on another note, I'm officially a year older. Got some nice presents and a trip to the county fair. The kids had a blast, but our shoes are now filled with red clay. Ugh, muddy Georgia nights...
I saw Saw V at the theater this weekend. If you're a Saw fan, it's a must. If not, you won't like it and won't get much of the movie. I recommended it. I enjoyed it. Gotta love smart carnage.

More tomorrow, after I get some chocolate in my body.


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