Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Release Joy

It’s out. It’s available. It’s finally here. The release of a new book is always a reason to celebrate. As a reader, it means there’s something new to discover. Love and romance, sex and action. As an author, it’s that final journey, from the idea seedling to the fruitful expression of labor.

I’ve been waiting a long time to see my characters find a happy ending. It all started with the idea of a family. Four brothers who must find a way to defend their homeland and the people they love. This was my first attempt at a series.

I don’t know how other authors do it. Several of my books I had intended to be stand-alone, when a secondary character would shout out for a sequel. In the Storm Lords universe, I’d always intended a series. The tale of good versus bad, but not necessarily light versus dark.

So I created the Storm Lords. In this case, they are the Royal Four, the last surviving Light Bringer warriors who harness elemental energy. Identical quadruplets who are tall, dark and handsome. Oh yeah. That had “potential” written all over it. Just into the story, however, I knew the series would be told over five books. Each brother had his own story. The Prince of Fire, the River Prince, the Wind Mage and the Earth Lord. But there was something more, a huge presence keeping them together. Their uncle, a powerful sorcerer, ageless yet ancient. Arim Valens.

In the four books preceding Guardian’s Redemption, Arim guided his nephews and fought against the evil plaguing his land. He was always a strong, sensual presence. I knew he’d be a main part of the resolution in the overall story arc of the books.

He had a past never before explored, but hinted at. And so in this last volume, Arim will deal with his past, and in so doing, cement his future. The line between friend and enemy will blur, and a startling truth comes to light. The chance for love, for redemption, is there, if only Arim has the courage to reach for it and surrender to his feelings.

Want to find out how it ends? Buy the book!!!

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