Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What the Heck Commentary on Heroes

I take my inspiration to write from a lot of things. Daily life, books I've read, movies and TV I've watched, the occasional dream...

I fell in love with Heroes when it first came out two years ago. A great television epic about normal people who develop superhero abilities. What made Heroes so great was that it was steeped in normalcy. A high school cheerleader who can't die. A male nurse trying to balance his abilities with his job. A cop who suddenly starts hearing voices, helping him to catch criminals. Great storylines and intriguing characters.

Yet in season 3, they've gone beyond wacky. I know it's hard to keep up the momentum, and the writer's strike didn't help. Honestly, I didn't mind last season as much as the critics did. But I never did understand the Maya/Alejandra plotline. The introduction of new characters without wrapping up the stories of the older ones, well, it left the series jerky with gaping holes. And let's not talk about Hiro and his long-assed stint in feudal Japan. A few epidoses were interesting, but they completely overdid it.

Now you've got villains aplenty. A Petrelli is brought back to life. Sylar, the crazed killer who used to slice people's heads in two, is now a good guy. He's suddenly able to control his powers after what, blinking his eyes four times? Huh? There's a dude who creates black holes. Black holes. What happened to normal people developing odd abilities? This guy opens interdimensional portals? Then there's Suresh, once a decent scientist, now a power hungry mutant. The Suresh storyline completely lost me. He's spinning cocoons, like The Fly on acid.
And what's with Hiro suddenly acting like a complete smack? He's bored, so he needs to save the world again? He used to have depth, an idealistic soul needing to fix the world's problems. Now he's just annoying.Nathan, once an ambiguously dark politician finding God? And he listens to his dead archenemy?

What the fu--dge?

I was so disgusted I couldn't watch last night's episode. I'll probably check it out later in the week, but every time I consider the craziness of this once great show, I get agitated. As someone who writes fiction, I'm not slamming the series' writers. Rather I'm confused and taken aback that these people haven't asked the viewers what they want. Or if they have, they're not listening. They've proven they can craft a wonderful world in which the fantastic happens. I just don't understand how they've strayed so far from what they started out with--a great show.

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