Saturday, October 25, 2008

Warning: Rotten Tomato alert

I was excited to see Max Payne. I ignored bad reviews, since most video games turned into movies are typically vilified by gamers. However, the naysayers were indeed correct in this instance, more's the pity.

Max Payne was a bad movie. C- at best. I will say that the visual effects were stunning. But the acting was so-so and the plot went nowhere, which was such a shame because the potential for a great movie was right there.

I'm not sure what the director was hoping to attain. The movie is dark. The effects are nice and creepy. But nothing explains why we see them so much, unless it's to tease idiots like me into spending money. They could have taken the special effects away and made the exact same movie. It's not a supernatural film, except for some odd happenings near the end. Nothing quite made sense.

I understood Max's need for revenge. His wife and child are dead. But it's so obvious through much of the movie who's at fault. And that it took him so long to put certain symbols together to point to the bad guy... Just not believable for a cop who's so intent on finding his family's killers.

If you're a Max Payne fan, rent the video. Otherwise, be glad you didn't waste two hours of your life, as well as money not well-spent.


Mya said...

I'll have to agree with you. I went into it thinking paranormal, film, looks dark and intriguing...was so wrong.

Marie Harte said...

Yeah, Mya, we were suckered. It's too bad, because the movie could have been really good with the paranormal element in there. Oh well.