Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Goosebumps, not just for kids....

So somehow I got roped into watching Goosebumps with my kids. They are showing reruns of the old 1/2 hour shows on Cartoon Network in honor of Halloween. My children are young, so too much terror gives them nightmares. Goosebumps is just enough to creep them out without freaking them out. No violence, just the threat of monsters and witches and spiders.

At eight o'clock, I sat there with a kid on each leg. We were engrossed in the show. At eight thirty we all got up for a break. Part II came on, and I ended up being the only one still engrossed in the show. My boys were running around the house playing "hotwheels racing" and vrrooomiiinnng like banshees. And there I sat in front of the television watching Goosebumps. Embarrassing. I found the show not only entertaining, but kid-friendly as well. Now as soon as my 5 year old progresses past one syllable words, we're going to breeze through some RL Stine. Talk about an author with an audience.

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