Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Nox Liberi

Feeding Time!

Work on my latest MS, Nox Liberi, is going smoothly. Vampires can be a fun trend, if for no other reason than to try a whole new approach to something that's been done nearly to death. :) No pun intended.

My working title is still up in the air, but in the world of the Nox Liberi, the Night Children, a select group of humans have been chosen to protect the human populace. But what's not so clear is who the populace really needs protection from.

Hope Bradley and Deacon Cain will have to come to some type of compromise if they're going to destroy an enemy too big to take down alone. Because when the truth is something no one wants to face, exposing it can have dire consequences on all sides.

A paranormal-suspense-romance that is growing from a single title into the beginning of something bigger. Just wondering if I can contain the Nox Squad in a few short volumes..

There's Deacon Cain, Oscar "Oz" Williams, Flynn, Ghost, and a few others who keep pulling at my fingers to throw them in the story. But for now, Deacon takes center stage with his best friend Oz in the wings. And they have their sites set on Hope, and for more than she can bring to the table, but for what she brings to the bedroom as well.

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