Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally, I'm BAAACCKKK

Hi! Sorry to have been so absent lately. I had family visit for the holidays (Mom's still here, in fact) and haven't had access to my computer since the computer room doubles as a guest room. I rarely get to see my parents, so I've made the effort to spend more time with them and less time working. So now I have MAJOR deadline anxiety. Oh, and did I mention that my laptop crapped out? Any work I might have been doing when everyone was fast asleep this past week was a nonplayer. Yikes.

So far this morning, I finished my second set of line edits for Saturnalia, coming soon from Loose Id. Just received my cover. Take a look on your left...

Now I just have to finish up my vampire story for AQP, part of the Bite Me Pax. And then I'll hit some more Storm Lords edits before submitting.

I've updated my website with a new contest and plan to work on my newsletter later this week. Considering I only have five more days of November, I'd better get cracking, eh?

Well, happy Monday. Here's hoping you all had a very nice holiday (Thanksgiving for those of us in the states) and that your week looks much less stressed than mine.


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