Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Man. This should really count for a Wednesday post. It's after midnight, but it feels like the same day to me! Exciting news. I just received my new cover for A Royal Continuum, and like a kid at Christmas, I want to show it off. There's just something about seeing the artwork, the vision to go along with a story you've created that's just magical. It helps when the artist and publisher take your story into consideration, however. Nothing's worse than a red-headed heroine with cropped hair when your heroine is a blond with long tresses riding a horse that's nowhere in the story.

Most publishers ask for author input, but in the end, it's the publishers who decree what is going to stand for your book. And let's be honest. Even with ebooks, readers (hey, I'm a big-time reader, I know what I'm talking about) look at the cover before deciding to read a blurb, though mostly if it's a new author they're not familiar with. A poor cover can really hurt sales.

So I'm happy to say Trace--oh esteemed illustrator for Amber Quill Press--has composed yet another winner for me. I like this cover because it looks just like Firebreather but is slightly different since this is Matthias's story. Look for A Royal Continuum from Amber Heat in month!!!! And to read a short excerpt, click on the cover.

Happy Dreams,

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