Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Backlist Tuesday: The Thief of Mardu

You know, when I first saw this cover I didn't like it. Too dark, hard to see the guy. But once I saw it in the proper light, I was hooked. :) (Kat Richards, the artist, is my hero.) The Thief of Mardu is a futuristic romance, one tied to the world I created for Lurin's Surrender, my first single title for New Concepts Publishing, where the hero, Catam of Mardu, was first introduced.

The Thief of Mardu, however, is a stand-alone story. Professional thief Isa Araye has a bad feeling about her current job, and the dead body she trips over near the safe proves something is terribly wrong. Catam of Mardu, a successful bounty hunter, is bored with his life, restless for reasons he cannot explain. So when his peacemaker brother needs his help, he readily agrees. How hard can it be to track down a murdering thief hiding on his own homeworld? But things are not as they seem, and Catam’s boredom turns into something else entirely as he and Isa set out to prove her innocence.

I still intend to write stories for the rest of the Mardu brothers: Sernal, Rafe and Gar. (Sernal and Rafe make appearances in Winner Takes All.) But with everything else on my plate, these poor brothers have fallen to the wayside. *sigh* But Catam has his own story, and the stubborn Mardu won't tolerate anything but a happy ending. Want to read more? Click here for an excerpt.


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