Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes is Back!!!!

Sorry, I try to keep these blog posts writing related, so I'll loosely tie the television series Heroes in by saying it's sucking away my writing time while giving me ideas. What a great freakin' show!! If you missed it, check it out tomorrow by clicking here. Season one is no longer available for viewing on the website, but I think season two will be posted there sometime soon. Last season I missed a few episodes and watched them the next day online.

If you're one of the people living under a rock and are unfamiliar with the show, Heroes is about a group of seemingly normal individuals who have extraordinary abilities. One girl can't die, another guy can fly, another can move through time, etc. There are conspiracies and mysteries, subplots withing plots, and the best part is that each show delivers answers while asking more questions. Unlike Lost, which I quit watching because they never answered anything, season one of Heroes ended with a bang. And season two picked up with a blast. Great show! New heroes, and lots of fun. Don't miss it. Oh, and Journeyman after Heroes was pretty good too. A guy who travels through time but has no idea why. The Quantum Leap for the new millennium.

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Lexxie said...

Oh, I LOVE this show!!! The second season hasn't started yet down here in Australia, but we watched the first episode only last night via the net. *grin* I love, love, love Hiro.