Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Travels

I've been a bit quiet (not that you probably noticed) due to some summer travel. My boys get to spend time with their dad, and I get to do some research for future books! Hurray! I'm gallivanting around the country. So far, I've visited Augusta, GA and King of Prussia, PA. Today I hit Cape May, NJ. Here are some pictures to prove I'm actually moving around and gathering ideas to write, not really sitting on my ass wolfing down popcorn and Cokes like it's cool. 

Clarks Hill Lake (Savannah River Basin)
Gorgeous weather and a great view from the boat.

King of Prussia, PA. The palace where my grandfather now resides
They have their own library. I tried to move in but was rejected.

That's all for today. But I'll have more pictures of the shore to share tomorrow. And note, my Circ series was inspired by my many years spent enjoying the beach at Cape May.

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