Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Update

Summer is almost officially here... or rather, the end of school is almost here. Tomorrow is the last day for my kids, and then we're all flying back East for some family visiting. In the middle of that, I have two stories to write and edits to do.

But good things are coming!  
  • In July, Tied and True will re-release with a brand new cover. And in August, I'll be releasing Reaper's Reward as well. 
  • I'm working on a brand new website (or rather, my designer is). I can't wait until it's finished. It's going to be much better than the one I have now. And spoiler: it's still purple. 
  • I'm involved with a few other authors in a cool, secret project you'll be hearing about soon. Another cover I can't wait to share. And no, this is not about my participation in the Ever After anthology coming out later this year. This is something else. 
And that's all for now...

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