Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The Internet is up and running and I'm ready for more giveaways!  Today's winner will receive two books of the winner's choosing in ebook format. More romance goodness from Samhain! Simply comment on which books you'd like and why you picked them to be entered to win. That's it! Good luck! Winner drawn at 8PST. And don't miss yesterday's prizes. Go here to enter to win an Amazon and Starbucks gift certificate!


Christy said...

Ty and Julia in Foxy Lady. Love how he fights so hard not to love her and kill her at the same time.

Monty (Scooby) and Sophie. He has to put up with so much jokes/etc from Grady while trying to romance her.

Susan W said...

I love the Cougar Falls stories! In Plain Sight, Cullen - who can resist an eagle shifter!

Outfoxed - Grady and Gabby - nothing like mixing a cat and a fox.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marie! Glad your internet problems seem to be solved :) My two choices would be Closing the Deal and Raising the Bar because those covers are positively lickable and Enjoying the Show wasn't enough for me. I want to enjoy the entire production that is the Wicked Warrens :D

msromanticreads(at)gmail(dot)com said...

I would love to have the Dragons Demon and Duncans Decent. Mostly because I have all the rest and I just can not get enough of your books. You have your own folder on my Kindle!

Suzie said...

Hi Maria,

Glad your Internet issues were resolved. My picks would be
A Scorching Seduction, love scifi romances.
Second pick Duncan's Decent. I have read The Dragon's Demon and would love to read the next brother's story.

Suzieqsb(at) aol(dot)com

Jane said...

Congrats on the new release, Marie. I would love to read "Storming His Heart" and "To Hunt a Sainte" because the mind control and telekinesis reminds of the Professor X and the X Men comics. I

Lisa G said...

I'd have to go with Enjoying the Show and Closing the Deal since I don't already have those! That said, I've been re-reading the Westlake series and am now in Love In Electric Blue and loving it! I've been waiting for Remy & JD's stories since the first book.

Crystal Cuffley said...

I've read In Plain Sight and I really enjoyed it! I love shifter stories. So I'd have to say I would want Rachel's Totem and Foxy Lady. :)