Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Words: (One More Week Until) LOVE IN ELECTRIC BLUE

Just one more week until Love In Electric Blue releases from Samhain. Another brand new teaser for you.

Remy Davis quickened her pace down one of Savannah’s seedier streets, noting the late hour, as well as the thinning crowd. Her hair swayed in the cold December wind as she ducked around the corner and moved in the opposite direction of her small apartment. She felt him following behind her, could feel his gaze burrowing into her back.

“Watch it, lady!” an angry voice yelled as she accidentally plowed into a large body. She murmured her apology and continued. The streetlights ended in another block, bringing her closer to a rundown section of the city she normally avoided.
As the moon slowly escaped the confines of dark gray clouds, a sliver of light illuminated the gravel before her. She glanced around, not surprised to see a few men warming their hands over a small barrel fire and a prostitute leaning in the window of an old Buick, sizing up a potential client. Remy dared to look over her shoulder and saw in horrified amazement that the man following her loomed closer.
At this distance, she could make out cold, dark eyes and a grim mouth marring an otherwise average male face. His shaggy hair flapped in the wind that now carried hard drops of rain. The menace in his stare made her shudder more than the cold soaking through her clothes. She gave up all pretense of ignoring him and ran as though her life depended on it.
Listening to the man’s harsh panting drawing nearer, she suddenly ducked to the right and ran to the fence at the end of the alleyway. Coming to a locked gate, she considered climbing it, but she could hear him behind her. She was out of time. Remy stopped, out of options, and turned to face her pursuer.
He slowed when he realized he had her trapped. He stopped with a good ten feet between them and drew a weapon from beneath his overcoat.
“Lizzie.” He shook his head. “There was no need to run. You know who sent me, so why not come along quietly? I don’t want to hurt you, and he only wants to see you again. It’s been over ten years.”
She glared at the man sent to take her back. It had been exactly ten years, four months and three days since she’d been imprisoned in that hellhole. She refused to go back. Time to get that message across, so there’d be no confusion.
“I’m not going anywhere with you. But I do have something I’d like you to take back. Make sure you give it to him for me, would you?”
The man cocked his pistol, and to her dismay she realized it wasn’t a gun with bullets, but tranquilizer darts. Something to keep her alive, useful, for…him.
Before he could pull the trigger, Remy pointed her finger.
A visible jolt of electricity shot from her fingertip and enveloped him in a web of eerie blue light. He stared at her in horror—another casualty in the war between those who would oppress and those who sought to remain free.
“Forgot to warn you about that, did he?” she asked with cold amusement. Then, with a flick of her hand, she increased the power flowing through her.
Her pursuer shrieked in pain before he slumped to the ground and slid into death’s embrace.
“Brava, my dear. You’ve exceeded even my expectations.”
Her throat dried and terror balled in her stomach. That voice. God, it had been so long. But not long enough. The sounds of a lock turning and the gate opening were overly loud in the sudden quiet. She had to face him. She knew that. But her feet refused to move, fear holding her stock-still.
“It’s time to come home, Lizzie,” he said in a smooth, cultured voice. “I’ve missed you.”
Energy flared through her entire body as six hundred milliamperes of direct current coursed through her. It was more than enough to kill a normal person, but Remy simply soaked up the flow, managing her resistance and the voltage with ease. A living, breathing conduit for electricity who could gauge it without trying, she shut down into a hazy state. The way he expected her to. The way he needed her to. This way she was his to be captured and controlled once more. And the foggy disorientation swiftly turned to pain…

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