Monday, May 13, 2013


File:Freyja and cats and angels by Blommer.jpgImage:  Freja sucht ihren Ehemann by Nils Blommer (1816-1853)
Translation: Freja Seeking her Husband
A lot of people like to know where writers get ideas. It depends. Sometimes the muse strikes where you least expect it. And other times, you write for a particular publisher, style, concept.

For example, I have a particular project coming up, a new one, that has to involve shapeshifters in some way. I really like projects with a common theme. This project is for a multi-author anthology. And we're all doing shifters. Therefore, I must make mine as different as humanly possible from any other shifter story in the collection. *grin*

I've bounced ideas around, from series I have already written to things I want to write about. Scarily, nothing was hitting. And considering I need to have this unplanned story in by August--that's not good. 

But I think I struck gold. My many research books about myths and legends have once again come to my aid. I'm partial to the Norse, and I think I have just the thing. A beginning story to a new world set in multiple places and overseen by multiple deities. I'm excited just thinking about it. As a teaser, I can tell you that my first story centers around some of Freyja's people. Cats, falcons, and Valkyries, oh my. 

Happy Monday. Now go grab some coffee. 


Carrie Ann Ryan said...


Tracy said...

Love a shifter Marie...... The anthology sounds really intersting!!!

Just read a F.U.C shifter book by Eve Langlias and it was about a Lion & a Falcon...was a lot of fun.
A while back I only imagined that shifters would be wolves but now..... it seems there's endless possibilities!!! :D

Looking forward to hearing more about this!!! ;-) x

Marie Harte said...

LOL, Carrie Ann. And no, I do not have a plot fleshed out yet. But the idea of hitching up two hunky cat shifters to pull my own chariot sounds like fun. Man, Freya had a good thing going... hahaha

Marie Harte said...

Traci, I know I used to love wolf shifter books when vampires were the new black. Then the wolves descended. And now you find shifters of every species out there. I read one a long time ago about a beagle. Not my cup of tea, but interesting nonetheless.
I like predators, personally. Animals with claws, talons, and fangs. What does that say about me? :)