Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Words: ENEMY RED

I'm feeling wolfie today. So here's an excerpt from Enemy Red, where a werewolf meets a sorceress from an enemy clan, and well, the fur flies. Whoo-ee.

Fenris stared in confusion at Rudra, trying to superimpose a wolf’s face over this gorgeous woman’s features, while he gripped the blanket around his waist. She had alabaster skin, bright, golden eyes and thick, dark red hair so lustrous it couldn’t possibly be real.
Caught by a wave of lust so extreme he could barely stand, Fenris wavered on his feet.
“I have just the thing for you,” the sorcerer said and took a step away. “Rudra, you stay here. It’s going to take me some time to find it, but I have just what Fenris needs back at the house.”
“No, Dad, wait,” she yelled, but Rurik vanished, leaving her standing there, all alone. With Fenris.
He licked his lips and caught the scent of her on his tongue. He inhaled, seeking more, and tasted desire in the air when she rubbed her thighs together.
“Ah, hold on.” Rudra stared at the growing bulge beneath his blanket and swallowed loudly.
Fenris groaned. He dropped the cover and let her look her fill. At the moment, it didn’t matter that she had human blood, that she was clearly not of his clan or that she’d tried to kill him earlier. His body demanded he possess her, and he was lost to nature’s call.
Between one breath and the next, he darted forward and shoved her back against the wall. He could feel her strength. His wolf liked the aggressive female. She matched his strong will, and he had a feeling her appetite would equal his.
“Hey. Let me go.” She tried to pull away from him.
The damn female was strong, really strong. Pack alpha within her own right, he thought with satisfaction. Hell, if he were any other wolf, she might have succeeded. But the power that made him a feared oddity in his pack’s eyes gave him the strength to take this woman. With a grin, he tightened his grip on her.
“You’re amazing. So strong, so female.” He inhaled her scent again and wanted to howl with pleasure. Shifting one hand into a set of claws, he made quick work of her clothing. In moments she stood naked against him. Her fleshy curves rubbed against his tense flesh and blazed a trail of fire straight through his cock.
Fuck me, she’s perfect. He watched her lips part and immediately imagined them around his shaft, then begging for mercy while he commanded her obedience. Because deep down, he knew this alpha bowed to no one, and his werewolf’s need to possess finally felt right.
“What are you doing to me? I want to fuck so badly, I can’t breathe,” she moaned, writhing against him.
Spreading her scent and a throbbing ache everywhere they touched, Rudra captivated him like no other.
Fenris lifted her ass in his palms and aligned her pussy where it would do the most good. He pushed his hips forward and, feeling the wet heat there, thrust hard. He seated himself balls deep and nearly came.
“Shit,” he panted, losing himself in her tight body. He pulled back and rammed in even harder, the rhythm one he couldn’t stop.
“Yes. Oh yes,” she whispered, so tight around him he thought he’d explode.
Fenris wanted to kiss her, to taste her everywhere. Her mouth, her neck, her breasts. That sweet pussy that gloved him, urging him to release. But he couldn’t stop himself. Too intent on filling her, he continued to pound into her, through her orgasm and harder.
His balls tightened and his shaft tingled from base to tip.
“Gonna come,” he muttered and bit down hard on her neck. He jetted into her with an intensity that consumed him. Fenris grasped her ass and lifted her higher, controlling her perfect hips so she milked all of him.
The scent of his seed on her sated his overwhelming lust, enough to allow him a breath and a moment before starting again.
“Wait,” she gasped, shoving at his shoulders. “You—I—we can’t do this.”
“We just did,” he murmured and leaned down to kiss her. “Fuck, I want you again. I have to have you. Such a sweet little pussy, Red. You’re so good,” he said on a breath as fiery desire consumed him—and her--once more.
He took her twice again before he withdrew, content for the time being. He’d never before come so hard or responded so quickly to a female, but with Red, he couldn’t help himself. Aware of his cum sliding down her thighs, he ignored her protests and lifted her in his arms, carrying her into the small bathroom off the main room. He propped her up on the sink.
Finding a clean cloth, Fenris wet it with warm water and cleaned her up, foregoing the soap. He didn’t want his scent over her diluted by lavender and lye. Red had yet to blink as she stared at him. He wondered what she saw, hoping she liked him enough to agree to another romp, preferably in a bed this time.
At the thought, he hardened again.
When her eyes widened, fixed on his erection, he flushed. “I can’t help it. You are so damn pretty.”
She blushed, and he wanted to see her turn that pretty pink all over.
Fenris dropped to his knees and spread her thighs wide. “I can’t stop thinking about filling you up. I love my seed all over you, inside you.” He ran the rag between her legs, rubbing that tiny nub he could feel growing hard. She smelled clean, and she smelled like him. “You were so tight, so perfect.” So mine.
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