Friday, November 9, 2012

Sex Huts for Girls?

Last night while watching Taboo, a National Geographic show that tells stories of things we in the West consider taboo that others see as normal, I watched a fascinating program about love huts made for adolescent girls in Cambodia. These girls were members of the Kreung tribe, and the fact that their fathers and the girls together built private abodes for the young girls' sexual awakening was intriguing.

By and large, the families aren't trying to get their daughters knocked up at the first available moment, but to let their daughters embrace their sexuality. The girls choose their partners. Rape and force are nearly nonexistent. And the girls practice the "try before you buy" concept of meeting and interacting with potential mates before choosing the best one suited for her.

Many will decree this immoral or illicit. Then again, these are the same folks who think their kids never have sex and don't even know what a boobie is. Please.

Granted, I'd be a bit uncomfortable to have a 10 year old daughter engaging in sex, but the idea of independence, choice, and a gradual maturity where the girl is taught to embrace her femininity and sexuality is completely liberating. I'm totally on board with that. The sex part I could get over if my daughter understood conception and that feelings accompany the physical act. As do the repercussions of children. Most children, when allowed, move at their own pace with life. And by not constraining, but educating and helping their children to understand a mature phase of life, I think the Kreung are doing a real service to their daughters.

But then, that's me. Anyway, I thought it was a fascinating topic. Thoughts?

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