Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So. Right now my house smells like bacon. It's permeated the downstairs, and I confess I like the smell better than the scented candles waiting to be lit in my cabinets. 

Wallowing in this bacony goodness, I am working on a MS due in September. I've turned in my first round of edits for Right Wolf, Right Time, and am back writing once more, having gone through a terrible bout of nonwriting madness.

While my children are playing with friends, I'll be playing with my characters--so to speak. Tuesday's update, for what it's worth. 

Raven's Brew 20th Anniversary Coffee week. The stuff is so smmoooottth. Love it.


D. McCollum D. McCollum said...

Bacon, goodness!!! Sigh!! Love it, try to avoid it, counting fat calories! Coffee sounds yummy!

Charity said...

Mmmm yummy! My husband thinks they should make bacon scented candles.
Excited to read Monty's story!

Samantha Storm said...

COFFEEEEE!!!!! ;-) Yeah I am always up for eating bacon.

Marie Harte said...

D.--I ignore that bacon has any fat calories. :)

Charity--that's a thought. Bacon scented candles...hmmm

Samantha--yes, COFFEE. Time for me to get some!